Sell with Confidence
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Selling Tips

  • Have your property looking its best
  • Keep the yard neat and clean. Have the shrubs trimmed and the lawns cut. (this also applies to the verge)
  • Make the prospective buyer want to come inside. The first impression is most important.
  • Dress up the windows. They are the eyes of the house.
  • Keep the house tidy – not as a furniture store display window, but as a comfortable home in which to live.
  • Have the garage clean and neat, remove oil stains from concrete. Broken window panes or loose door knobs make an unfavourable impression.
  • Make all minor repairs such as sticking doors, leaky plumbing, broken light switches etc. Little things like these make a house hard to show and often kill a sale.
  • The front gate is the first point of contact. See that it is in good order.
  • If you have a dog, keep it out of the house and under control. Many buyers are afraid of dogs.
  • Shut off or tune down the radio or television. They are distracting while in operation.
  • Let plenty of light into your rooms. Nothing adds a cheerful atmosphere more effectively than light.
  • Have your air conditioning in operation.
  • Never apologise for the appearance of the house. It only emphasises the faults.
  • If redecorating is needed, do it if possible. Properly done, it creates appeal.
  • Leave the showing of the house to the salesperson. Interrupting his/her sales presentation may lose the sale.
  • Be prepared at all times to show your property. The prospect you turn away might be the logical buyer.
  • If the prospect asks questions about the house and neighbourhood, answer directly and honestly. Questions about the transaction should be referred to the salesperson.
  • If you feel the salesperson overlooked some good selling points, tell him/her quietly before they leave.
  • Please feel free to discuss frankly with your listing agent anything that may arise relative to the marketing of your property.